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Watching him grow
Our only child,David,became ill when he was 14. I posted a URL to his story in my profile. We watched him go through seizures and 4 brain surgeries that so complicated his young life and made him "different" from his peers. He was in the hospital more then not and missed out a lot of his teenage years. Still,he never gave up.
5 years ago,David received an experimental brain implant that has changed his life so far. The seizures(temporal lobe...blanking out,confusion,memory loss)have stopped so far and watching him has been amazing. His hair has grown in,he can think clearly,he's gained weight. He is AMAZING! He's happily married,drives,has a great job.....and is always smiling. We are SO proud of him.
Here he is on his wedding day with beautiful KarenJo. They have been married almost 5 years. Kudos to the Mayo Clinic and brilliant Dr. Wharen!
Profile picture Debbie Deins Wooten Re: Watching him grow
Marian,Praise the Lord!! I am so happy to be reading such good news for you all. Thank you for sharing his wedding photo. What a blessed day that must have been for you.