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Remembering the High Life Again
"Remember home room. First there was roll call, our Principal, Mr. Jones on the loud speaker reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and then a prayer? What happened to those days? Remember being allowed to grow beards, eye brow pencil to make it look better, madras shirts, hats, London Fog's, penny loafers always drying on rainy days where we could put our feet under the beautiful girl sitting in front of us or being called to the front of the room and can not stand because you were day dreaming. That was we are all thankful for trying to make Viagra work more than warned, 4 hours so we can go show off at the doctor's office or pose as a towel rack. Our hot friends in the band (EMOTIONS) still going today with different talent, the Joker, Holiday Park dance Club. Bon fires, floats both Homecoming and South Pasadena McDonald's Coke floats. The Garden, Mustang and Skyview Dive-in, Sandy's restaurant, Steak-n-Shake or meeting at the Goodie. Parking & party spots at Tierra Verde, Yacht Club even Three Palms Point. The rank dead turtle in the phone booth, Dixie Drivers Ed cars chained to the posts behind Christine Baker's Classroom, fire crackers under the bleachers when we scored, shark in the N.W. Center swim meet pool. Who did all those things?" Bill Boozeman