Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  
Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, 
and we are never, ever the same.  

~Flavia Weedn

We need your help! 


As of 1/10/17:  94 Not Located - 213 Registered -  58 Deceased

Your Reunion Committee has no contact information for those classmates listed below and thus no way to let them know about this website, or any future events which have been, or might be, planned such as: the occasional local get-togethers and future reunions.

If you know how to contact any of these classmates we would appreciate your doing so and encouraging them to register on our class website. Thank you.


Elaine Anderson Delong William R. Morris  
Shirley Brown   Frances Nelson  
Jim Clemons   Barry Nunnally  
Robert Clow   Kathy O'Connel English
Brenda Cox   Patricia O'Donnell Belcher
William Crabtree   Terry Otto  
Midge DePaola Bunzell Dianna Mae Pahel  
Edna Lynn Dominy   Anthony Pape  
Jim Eaton   Char Lee Pearson  Morris
William Ralph Evans   Michael Phoenix  
Sara Falkenberg May Rodney R. Powell  
John Ferguson   Phyllis Renfro  
Robert Fintel   John Richards  
Maureen A. Fox   Elizabeth Riley  
Tammie Gervais   Frances Rogers  
Colleen Gladwin Martin Kathleen Rogers  
Mickey Goodman   Sharon Rudowske  
Linda Grafe Pennell Richard Sasher  
Bonnie Harrison   Rick Savini  
Mark Henderson   Jane Sigh Gonzalez
Margaret Houghton Estes Andy Smikins  
William L. Howard   Kathryn Simmons  
Debra Hunt   Fred Skinner  
James J. Hunt   Linda Slaughter  
Debbie Jackson   Jonathan Smith  
Kay Jewel Allen  Juanita Smith Walker
Richard Wm Johnson   Philip W. Smith  
Sally Johnson   Wayne Smith  
Linda M. Kapper   Ronnie Snyder  
Phyllis A. Kaufman   Susan Snyder Chandler
Eddie  Kent   Elisa Staffa Weil
Christie King Stock Lane Stafford  
Cynthia Kittinger   Mike L. Storm  
Marion Kling   Todd Stoudt  
Delores Lee   Colleen Sutton Candy
Carol L. Lewin Ramey Michael Swihart  
Daniel McAuliffe   Peggy Tindall  
Thomas McCarthy   Frances Valori  
Eileen C. McGeehan   Monica Vasquez  
Judy McMillin   Jane Whalen  
Deborah McSmith   T. Clifford Whiting  
Harriet Merrin   Martha Wiley Boyd
Ruth D. Methvin   Frances Wilmoth  
Michael D. Miller   Gregory Wilson  
Lois Ann Milton McPherson Robert Woods  
James E.  Moors   Carl Woodworth  
Robert P. Morris